Antoanella Calame, MD

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience:

  • Medical Director, Dermatology Center of La Jolla, July 2010 – Present
  • Chief Dermatopathologist, Compass Dermatopathology, Inc., July 2010 – Present
  • Dermatology Section Chief, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, CA, July 2013 – Present
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Diego, Division of Dermatology, October 2012 – Present
  • Staff Dermatologist, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, La Jolla, CA, November 2011 – Present
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Texas, Southwestern, Dept. of Dermatology, 2008 – 2010
  • Associate Dermatopathologist and Assistant Dermatopathology Fellowship Program Director, Cockerell and Associates, Dallas, Texas, 2008 – 2010


  • Dermatopathology Fellowship, University of Texas, Southwestern, 2007-2008
  • Dermatology Residency, of California, San Diego, Division of Dermatology, 2004-2007
  • Mohs/Research Fellowship, Univ. of California, San Diego, Division of Dermatology, 2003-2004
  • Internal Medicine Internship, Univ. of California, San Diego, Department of Medicine, 2002-2003
  • M.D. degree, Univ. of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, Class Rank Highest Percentile June 2002
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, California Lutheran University, Summa Cum Laude, June 1996

Board Certification and Licensure:

  • Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology in Dermatology and Dermatopathology
  • Medical Licenses: CA, AZ, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, LA, MD, MI, MN, MS, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WY

Research Experience:

  • University of California, San Diego, Division of Dermatology 07/03-06/04
  • Role of cathelicidin in the pathogenesis of rosacea – Richard Gallo, MD, PhD
  • Mohs Surgery – Constance Nagi, MD
  • University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, 08/98 – 06/02
  • Screening of Human CMV Infected Fibroblasts for Propagation of a Chromosome Break, June 1999 – December 1999, Dr. Deborah Spector, Department of Biology, UCSD School of Medicine
  • Effects of Oat Derived Beta-Glucan on Wound Healing, Clinical Trial, April 2001 to May 2002, Dr. Constance Nagi, Chair, Department of Dermatology, UCSD School of Medicine
  • Amgen, Inc. – Research Associate II, Molecular and Cell Biology Department, 06/96-08/98
  • Development of non-radioactive mRNA quantification assay (RT-PCR ELISA)
  • Cloning of novel cytokine receptor gene
  • Erythropoietin expression in MCAT-1 knock out mice
  • Development of assay for the detection and quantification of transgenes in zebra fish
  • Determination of tyrosine kinase mRNA levels following treatment with antisense oligos in cultured embryonic murine mandibles

Honors and Selected Awards:

  • Robert W. Goltz Excellence in Teaching Award – June 2012, UCSD Division of Dermatology
  • Outstanding Teaching Awards – June 2010 (Faculty of the Year) and June 2008 (Fellow of the Year), Department of Dermatology, University of Texas, Southwestern, Dallas, Texas
  • Merck Award for Best Medical Students – June 2002, UCSD School of Medicine
  • Dean of Student’s Award For Contributions to the Medical School Community, UCSD School of Medicine
  • NIH Grant Recipient – For Studying the Propagation of a Chromosome Break in Human Cytomegalovirus Infected Fibroblasts, June 1999, UCSD SOM
  • Dean’s Award (Valedictorian), June 1996, California Lutheran University


  • American Academy of Dermatology (Leadership Forum graduate; former member of the Residents and Fellows Committee and Healthcare Finance Committee)
  • American Medical Association
  • San Diego Dermatologic Society – President (2011-2013)

Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Disease – Clay Cockerell and Antoanella Calame, Manson Publishing Ltd, 1st edition, 2012


Selected Book Chapters:

  • Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Disease. Crystal Thomas, MD, Antoanella Calame, MD, Clay Cockerell, MD. In: Sauer’s Manual of Skin Disease, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 10th edition, 2010
  • Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Disease. Crystal Thomas, MD, Antoanella Calame, MD, Clay Cockerell, MD. In: Hall’s Manual of Skin As a Marker of Underlying Disease, pmph usa; 1st edition, 2010
  • Dermatologic Signs of Systemic Disease. Antoanella Bardan, MD, Tissa Hata, MD. Book Chapter – Harris and Weissman: Head and Neck Manifestations of Systemic Disease. Submitted October 2005, Published 2007

Selected Presentations:

  • Course Director, Basic Dermatopathology Self-Assessment 2013, 2014, and 2015 AAD Annual Meetings
  • Course Co-director, Basic Dermatopathology Self-Assessment 2012 AAD Annual Meeting, Speaker 2008-2011
  • Advances in Melanoma Diagnosis – Keynote Speaker, Leica Symposia 2010, San Diego, CA and Houston, TX
  • Melanoma Management and Dermatopathology Grand Rounds Lectures at the Annual SCOPE (Skin Curriculum Overview for Physician Extenders) meetings – 2008 Atlanta, GA, 2009, 2010 Dallas, TX
  • Dermatology Updates and Procedures – TOPICS (Annual Internal Medicine Conference, San Diego, CA)
  • Introduction to Mohs Surgery – Annual Romanian Dermatologic Society Meeting, Bucharest, Romania, June 2006
  • Generalized Sclerodermic Graft Versus Host Disease – AAD Annual Meeting, July 2006
  • Large B-cell Lymphoma of the Leg. Antoanella Bardan, M.D., Terence O’Grady, MD, AAD Meeting, July 2006
  • Conradi-Hunermann Syndrome. Antoanella Bardan, M.D., Lawrence Eichenfield, MD, AAD Meeting, July 2006, San Diego Derm Society Meeting, November 2004
  • Porokeratotic eccrine ostial and dermal duct nevus with nail dystrophy – AAD March 2006.
  • Extraocular Sebaceous Carcinoma Treated with Imiquimod: Report of Two Cases. Antoanella Bardan, MD and Constance Nagi, MD, Poster and Presentation – Advances in Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology, Feb 6, 2006, Maui
  • Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome. A Bardan, MD and LF Eichenfield, MD San Diego Derm Society Meeting, Nov 2005
  • Giant Cell Fibroblastoma. A Bardan, MD and LF Eichenfield, MD San Diego Derm Society Meeting, Nov 2003
  • The Role of Cathelicidin in the Pathogenesis of Rosacea, K. Yamasaki, A. Bardan, M. Murakami, T. Otaake, R. Gallo, Presentation and Poster, Society for Investigational Dermatology 2004

Selected Posters:

  • Melanoma In Situ and Solar Elastosis. Crystal Thomas MD, Stephanie Savory BA, Antoanella Bardan MD, Clay Cockerell, MD. Poster – ASDP 2008 Annual Meeting
  • Invasive Melanoma and Solar Elastosis. Barry White, M.D., Molly Burns, Antoanella Bardan, M.D., Clay Cockerell, M.D – ASDP 2008 Annual Meeting
  • Benign Pacinioma. Antoanella Bardan, MD, J. Akiko Gladsjo, MD PhD, Alessandra Alió MD, Sheila F. Friedlander, MD, Ralph Holmed, MD, Clay J. Cockerell, MD. Poster – ASDP 2007 Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD
  • Screening of Human CMV Infected Fibroblasts for Propagation of a Chromosome Break, Antoanella Bardan, Lee Fortunato, PhD, Deborah Spector, PhD, NIH Grant Poster Session, November 1999
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Antoanella Calame Board Certified Dermatologist