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  • Dr. Blake has been absolutely amazing! I am preparing for my second visit with Dr. Blake, and I look forward to many more. During my first visit, not only did Dr. Blake address the issue that I came to see him for and get me started on the right medication.... he informed me that he could help me with another issue. I had a hematoma on my chest which had been there my entire life.... I didn't even know what it was. Dr. Blake cut out the hematoma and stiched me up within 30 minutes. Anytime I call the office with questions, his staff is very friendly and helpful. In addition, Dr. Blake consistenly followed up with me after the visit via phone to ensure I was able to get my medication, see how I was doing, etc. This was unexpected and definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dr. Blake!!!.

    Brandon H.
    Brandon H.
  • After much sun exposure from a vacation, I was very embarrassed to see a dermatologist about a darkening of the skin above my lips. However Dr. Blake was very nice and made me feel right at ease. He knew exactly what it was and prescribed me a treatment. My skin is back to normal and I got some good tips for next time I'm back under the California sun. I wish he worked in my hometown!

    Lea G.
    Lea G.
  • Impressive positive experience and instant results!!! My dad had skin outgrowth on his forehead. We had recomendation to see Dr Calame. Luckily when we came there was no one in the clinic. It was super clean, very pleasant environment, nice customer service from nurses to doctor. They quickly identified the issue, explained how quickly and safely it can be removed and within a matter of 5-10 minutes they made a short mini surgery removing that skin problem. There were three of us, we were impressed how quickly and professionally it was done. Maybe it is really not a big deal, but the fact how quickly they have taken care of the problem was very big plus. Even emergency room does not work so efficiently and productively. She also was able to answer some other questions my mom and me had that was not covered by dad's insurance. All I want to say is Thank you! Will be happy to refer people in the future!

    Robert S.
    Robert S.